About Mojácar

Mojácar is situated at the foothills of the „Sierra Cabrera”, on the south east coast of Spain, the „Costa de Almería“. Mojácars history goes back to the Bronze Age, occupied over the centuries by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans, finally, the Arabians, named the town „Muxacra“, which lead to the actual name. After its turbulent past the village has been revived definitively in the era of international tourism.

White cubic houses, two kilometers away from the sea, about 170m above sea level, nestle into the rock. Narrow streets lead through a labyrinth of the most varied styles of construction, from arabic style to the most modern architecture. From the „mirador“, the lookout point, you have breathtaking views over the desert landscape and the everblue Mediterranean Sea. Many winter holiday makers adore the mild clima. Mojácar has more than 340 days of sun per year. The medium yearly temperature is around 20°C. Winter is normally mild and rainfalls are rare.

As varied as the construction styles are the people who meet here. Appearance and reality mix up. You can just melt with nature, explore old volcanos further inland and stalactite caves, or enjoy one of the not yet overcrowded beaches. 17 km of beaches are at your disposition - either lonesome little bays or busy hotel beaches - to laze around in the sun, do water sports or get in contact with other people in one of the popular beachbars. At night many good restaurants are waiting for you to serve their international food. After dinner you are welcome in the little bars of the old village where getting into conversation is more than easy. It is not rare to meet artists who settled down here inspired by the unique atmosphere. Mojácar is home to the Fundación Valparaíso, an international artists colony.

There are quite a few possibilities to keep busy day and night, typical Spanish. Try an Indian restaurant, Bingo or Karaoke in one of the English bars. From the typical “tapa bar” to the Internet Café, either explore the landscape with a rented scooter or play golf at acceptable prices on the new Playa Macenas Golf Court or the Marina de la Torre Golf Court – everything is possible.

The Almería airport is only about 89km away from Mojácar. The capital of the province Almería with its port is about 95km away. From there ferries regularly cross to Morocco. Two hours by car it takes to the Alicante airport.

Tours to Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla are also recommendable, either by bus with a tourist organization or just discover Andalucia by yourself ...

The „Indalo“, has been used in Almería since ancient times. It is related to the cave paintings found in „Los Leteros“ (Vélez Blanco), -dated back to 2500 B.C.- it is a messenger of luck as well as a talisman. People draw this symbol over the doors to keep away bad spells and storms from their homes. But – keep in mind – the actual Indalo in form of a souvenir only has an effect if it is given to someone as a gift .

Curiosities: An urban legend of the area affirms that Walter Disney was born in Mojácar on Thursday, the 5th of December of 1901 and that his real name was José Guirao Zamora.

Telephone numbers of interest:

Ayuntamiento : 950 615 009

Oficina de turismo : 950 615 025

Asistencia médica : 950 478 203

Cruz Roja : 950 478 952

Urgencias médicas : 950 475 113

Policía local : 950 472 000

Urgencias policiales : 600 472 000

Parada de taxis : 950 478 184

Indalfutur office : 950 615 156

Parties: Moros y Cristianos (june). Día de la Vieja (en mitad de la cuaresma/. Romería de San Isidro (15 of may/. San Juan (24 of june). Fiestas patronales de San Agustín (28 of august).

Markets (MERCADILLOS): Wednesday in the village,. Sunday mornings, "rastro" de antigüedades near to the Centro de Artesanía.

Places of interest: Mirador de la Plaza Nueva. Mirador del Castillo. Mirador del Picacho. Fuente pública. Iglesia de la Encarnación. Iglesia de Santa María. Puerta de la Ciudad. Torre de Macenas, siglo XVIII. Torre del Perúlico, de origen nazarí. Aldea pedánea de Sopalmo. Barriada de la Alcantarilla. Importantes yacimientos arqueológicos.

Beaches: Mojácar´s 17 kilometres of coast stretches from Marina de la Torre ( in front of the golf course) on the border with Garrucha, to the Granatilla dry river bed in the impressively pretty outlying Sopalmo, just a few kilometres from the beginning of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, next to the municipality of Carboneras. Visitors can enjoy virgin beaches, ideal for the most solitary, as well as more touristy beaches with numerous services.

Awarded European Union Blue Flags or the object of quality plans, the fine sandy beaches are the most popular with families, where there is the offer of a range of leisure actitivities and all kind of services: the beaches of Marina de la Torre, El Descargador, El Cantal, Cueva del Lobo, Las Ventanicas and Venta del Bancal, among others. Along the road to Carboneras is the tranquil Macenas beach, over looked  by a defense tower built right next to sea and presided over by its castle, from where one can see the Peñón Cove and Sombrerico beach.

The southern part of Mojácar is for the more adventurous and natural enjoyment of the coastal paradise formed by coves such as Bordenares, El Lance or Cala Granatilla. Protected for practicing naturism, they are immaculate, unspoilt coves with abundant marine life.